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Baby's First Cold Must Haves!

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

My baby caught her first cold in the first three months of life and as a first time mom this was one extra challenge to work through. My baby was still sleeping in her bassinet in my room and I did tilt the bassinet slightly to help her breathe. Before laying her down for naps and night time I would use a nose spray paired with the nose frida and this really helped clear out the boogers during baby's cold. I ran a humidifier 24/7 and monitored baby's temperature constantly.

Thermometer is a must have to have on hand for before your first baby is born. During baby's first cold you will want an easy to use thermometer you can check babies temperature with.

Nose Frida Booger Sucker was a lifesaver during all of baby's colds! Some people think this product is gross but honestly I was prepared to do anything to help my baby be able to breathe and I found it easy to use and not gross at all.

Hydra Sense Baby Nose Spray is the spray I use in baby's nose during a cold along with the nose frida to suck all the boogers out. This gentle spray helps loosen up baby's congestion to get more out all at once.

Breath Easy Kit is something that wasn't available during my daughters first cold but I have added to my medical kit for when baby number two is born. I love how it comes with baby safe essential oil, rub and wipes!

Humidifier is a must have cold or healthy to help baby breathing easy especially during winter! This humidifier is essential oil safe which is a nice feature and holds a large volume of water so you don't have to refill it several times throughout the day!

Infant Tylenol is a product we keep on hand at all times so we don't need to run out in case a high fever strikes.

Baby D drops are a supplement I give my babies everyday since they are breastfed to help with healthy development in their first year. We use this product when baby is healthy and when they have a cold.

Baby Probiotics is another supplement I give my baby during their first year to promote baby's gut health. This can help baby's digestive health and we give to baby both when they are healthy and when they have a cold.

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