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Baby Toys for 0 - 6 Months

Wondering what baby toys to have during 0 - 6 months? Especially during the first month or so all baby really needs as you! Baby will love snuggling you and looking at faces. One baby toy to start using early on is a baby play mat, baby can lay on their backs and look up at the toys but more important they can work on tummy time on their play mat. Next baby toy we added was black and white board books the high contrast captures their attention while their eye sight develops. To keep tummy time interesting and fun you can always add a couple baby toys, both the tummy time mirror and water mat are fun additions. Other nice baby toys to have on hand during this time are little rattles, soft crinkle books, textured toys and teething toy.

Baby Play Mat:

Black and white board books:

Tummy Time activities:

Baby Toys:

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