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Baby Toys for 6-12 months

Wondering what toys are fantastic for babies 6-12 months? You will still be your baby's favourite form of entertainment they will love you singing to them, pointing out items around the house, tickle games and clapping hands together. As far as them exploring actual toys heres some basic categories I recommend: basic Instruments, cause and effect toys, blocks, stacking toys, little people play set and board books.

Wooden Instruments are a great baby toy to introduce to babies play time. Each one works in a slightly different way and will make a different type of noise. I suggest adding only one at a time to baby's play space and showing them how it works before letting baby discover on their own what they need to do to get the toy to make a noise. Simple wooden toys are great for baby's development and keep them curious.

  1. Melissa and Doug Xylophone

  2. Wooden Instruments

Baby's love repetition, learning how things work and mastering skills. These toys are perfect for baby's 6 - 12 months and will definitely have them curious to join in on the play. Melissa and Doug pull back vehicles are so fun for baby's who are both just starting to move or who have already mastered crawling or walking. Once you show little one how these work they will be so curious to chase them down and try on their own. Pop up toys are so fun for baby's who especially just learned to sit they will love playing this toy along with you anticipating what will happen when they press the button and then giggling, laughing clapping to do it again. Play silks are an amazing open ended toy that you can use to hide baby's favourite toy and say "where did it go?" pull up the scarf and say "here it is" baby's love this type of game. They will also love looking through them to see different colours or have them thrown up in the air and watch them float to the floor.

  1. Melissa and Doug Soft Pull Back Vehicle Set

  2. Pop Up Toy

  3. Play Silks

Blocks are a great toy to expose your 6-12 month old too. They come in so many different materials and textures to be explored and manipulated in a wide variety of ways. I like to have one type of block out at all times for my baby to explore. The soft blocks can be stacked, have flaps that open and can be put together like a puzzle. The baby blocks are a soft texture thats easy to grip, can be stacked, be put in a row and teething safe. Wooden abc blocks are a fun classic to add to any toy shelf. Last press and stay sensory blocks have a fun texture, stick together easy to help baby stack and are fun to stick and pull apart on repeat!

  1. Melissa and Doug Soft Blocks

  2. Baby Blocks

  3. Wooden Blocks

  4. Press and Stay Sensory Blocks

A few more classic baby toys to have on hand for babies 6 - 12 month are nesting cups and stacking ring. These help baby work on their hand eye coordination as they work on getting the rings onto the middle peg or get one cup into another larger cup.

  1. Mushie Stacking and Nesting Cups

  2. Melissa and Doug Stacking Ring

I introduced the little people play sets to my baby around 9 months and they were a big hit. Baby's may not play with them as 100% intended but it still gets their mind thinking and curious seeing miniature version of real life spaces and people. I like the little people sets as they are large and chunky for their hangs to grab and have interactive features.

  1. Little people School Bus

  2. Little People House

Board books are amazing for babies development during the 6 - 12 month stage. A few categories of board books I like to recommend for this age are touch and feel books, books with pictures of real faces and books that display real pictures of common objects. These are the groups that best cover the development of your baby during this stage.

  1. Touch and Feel Board Books : Animals

  2. Baby Faces

  3. Baby First 100 Words

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