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Bath Time for Babies 0-6 months

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Overwhelmed with the amount of bath time related products out there on the market? I tested out quite a few during babies first year and these are my favourite bath time products for babies 0-6 months.

  1. Angelcare Baby Bath support - This product gets five stars from me as it is simple, drys fast, stays in place, comfortable for baby and baby can still splash around and play during bath time. I tried out a few others such as a mini tub version with a sling insert, hated everything about it from how big it was to store, baby seemed very uncomfortable and could not splash and play while using it as well as the sling collecting a musty smell.

  2. Wash Cloths - I received a few packs of baby wash cloths for bath time when my first was born but honestly they were all the kind that were thin and tiny, I just was not the biggest fan. I ended up buying one pack of thick bamboo wash cloths and a pack of the burt's bees baby wash cloths. I ended up loving both of these brands, they actually covered babies body during bath time so she didn't get cold and were soft and comfortable on her skin.

  3. Baby shampoo and body wash - Live clean baby shampoo and wash , Burt's bees baby shampoo and wash, Honest company shampoo and wash and Attitude shampoo and body wash are all baby bath time products I liked for their ingredients. I tested all of these brands out and liked them all for different reasons but in the end we have stuck to using Live clean baby shampoo and wash for two reasons, it is the only one I could buy easily in a large container and seemed to have the most reasonable price tag.

  4. Large hooded wearable towel - I like this towel that can clip around your neck to keep you dry while baby splashes about and then makes it easy to wrap baby up fast after bath time so they don't get cold.

  5. Frida Baby cradle cap brush - My little one had pretty bad cradle cap as a baby. During bath time I would use this little cradle cap brush to loosen the dry skin and then after bath time comb it out with a fine tooth comb.

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