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Bath Time for Babies 6-12 months

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Bath time with baby changes as baby meets new milestones. Once baby is sitting they will want to sit up in the tub and start exploring play as they get squeaky clean.

  1. Baby Bath Support - Once my baby was sitting she wanted to be upright in the bath so she could better explore. The non-slip element and support helped her keep her balance as her splashes made waves during bath time.

  2. Live Clean Baby Wash - I love the ingredients and the scent of this product. This is my favourite shampoo and wash for bath time, it comes in a large bottle that will last you a very long time.

  3. Skip Hop Bath Rinse Cup - No baby likes getting water or soap in their eyes. This bath rinser has a soft edge and keeps the water flowing off the back of babies head during bath time, keeping babies face dry.

  4. Burt's Bees Wash Cloths - I love these wash cloths they are soft, thick and great for scrubbing baby during bath time.

  5. Munchkin Bath Bobbers - This is another great first bath toy for baby. They are solid so very easy to keep clean, they are the perfect shape for baby to grab and are so fun to bob around the tub.

  6. Nuby Stacking Cups - These are a fun first bath toy for babies bath time. They help to explore filling and dumping water, as well as having the water rain out the bottom of the cups.

  7. Skip Hop Bath Toy Organizer - This bath time organizer suction cups to the wall, lets your babies bath toys air dry while keeping your bathroom organized. Keeps your bathroom clutter free and all your bath time favourites in one convenient location.

  8. Bamboo Hooded Towel - I love this soft bamboo hooded towel for baby. When baby is finished splashing around there is nothing better than wrapping them up in a nice soft towel.

  9. Honest Bubble Bath - I like the fragrance free or lavender scented bubble bath to add a fun sensory experience to babies bath time fun. I don't use this every time but fun to have on hand for those special play baths.

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