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Beach Day Must Haves for Baby and Toddler

Summer is just around the corner and my toddler has been talking about going to the beach non stop all winter! This summer we will have one more in tow for our beach days and need to be very organized for a successful beach day.

To start you will want a large Insulated Cooler Bag to hold lots of drinks, snacks and lunch to keep us hydrated and energized throughout the day. We also like to pack a beach bag with towels, Baby Sunglasses , Beach Blanket ,UV Long Sleeve Bathing Suits , Mineral Sunscreen , Sand Toys and Sun hats for everyone. Having a wagon for beach days is a big help for getting all your families items from the car to your beach spot when you have kids with you. Our trunk is big enough that I can pre pack up the wagon with most of the items and still have a spot for our toddler to ride if need be. When we get to our spot we like to lay out the Beach Blanket with a large Beach Umbrella to have a space to shade to the little ones throughout the day. We also set up this Pop Up Beach Pool close to our area to help keep our toddler entertained when we all need to be up at the blanket, too cool down and to use with Sand Toys to build sand creations. If you are bringing little ones who will need to have naps while you are at the beach this Baby Nap and Sun Tent is super handy to set up to keep baby safe and sand free for nap times.

Going to the beach is a lot of fun but also a lot of work as the parents. Remember to join in on play with your little one and keep your eye on them at all times. Most important of all make those lasting memories and soak in the family bonding time.

1. Baby Nap and Sun Tent

2. Pop Up Beach Pool

3. UV Long Sleeve Bathing Suits

4. Mineral Sunscreen

5. Beach Blanket

6. Sand Toys

7. Insulated Cooler Bag

8. Beach Umbrella

9. Fold Wagon With Canopy

10. Baby Sunglasses

11. Sun hat

12. Travel Pop Up Chair

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