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Convertible Carseat Comparison

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Are you thinking of purchasing a convertible carseat? Here is a quick breakdown of seven of the popular convertible carseats on the market today. Some convertible carseats are more affordable, some have higher rear facing limits and some may last your child's whole carseat lifespan. This breakdown can help you pick which convertible carseat will suit your families needs best based on what type of vehicle and which functions are most important to you.

Rear facing : 5-40 lbs

Forward facing : 22 - 40 lbs

Pros: Lightweight, portable, inexpensive, great for travel, great for a backup for your second vehicle or grandparents car.

Cons: low weight max makes this have a shorter life-span then most of the other convertible carseats.

Rear Facing: 4-50 lbs

Forward Facing: 22 - 65 lbs

Booster: 40 - 120 lbs

Pros: 10 years of use with high weight limits for rear facing and booster mode. Easiest convertible carseat to install with latch and tightening crank.

Cons: Larger carseat better for only two across, SUV's or vans.

Rear Facing: 4 - 40 lbs

Forward Facing: 22- 65 lbs

Booster: 40 - 100 lbs

Pros: Comfortable convertible carseat that is good for children from 4 - 100 lbs with modes from infant to booster.

Cons: Lower rear facing and booster limits than a few other convertible carseats.

Rear Facing: 4 - 40 lbs

Forward Facing: 22 - 65 lbs

Booster: 40 - 100 lbs

Pros: More affordable option for the same weight limits in compared to the Maxi-Cosi. Works for children from 4 - 100 lbs.

Cons: Larger convertible car seat better for two across, SUV's or vans

Rear Facing: 5 - 50 lbs

Forward facing: 22- 65 lbs

Booster: 40 -120 lbs

Pros: This is a slim convertible carseat and best option for three carseats across in your vehicle or for slimmer vehicles.

Cons: Heavy convertible carseat, not the best carseat for newborns as it has less rear recline options than the others.

Rear Facing: 4-50 lbs

Forward Facing: 22-65 lbs

Pros: 4 position extension panel provides extra legroom and a good option for rear facing longer.

Cons: Large carseat and will take up legroom for person in the front seat depending on your vehicle. Has a shorter lifespan only going to a 65 lbs weight maximum in forward facing mode.

Rear facing: 4-40 lbs

Forward facing: 22 - 65 lbs

Booster: high back - 40 -100 lbs backless - 40 -120 lbs

Pros: 10 year lifespan long lasting can be used for children

4 - 120lbs.

Cons: Large convertible car seat with a lower rear facing limit than others. This seat also causes the child's head to be pushed forward and looks less comfortable for little one than others.

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