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Family Fitness - Let's go for a bike ride!

Family bike rides were something my family always did growing up and a fun family fitness activity we love to do now with our growing family. When My baby turned one that summer we added the Thule mini child bike seat to my husbands mountain bike and we would head out on short after dinner bike rides every night when the weather was a little bit cooler.

The summer my toddler turned 2 we gifted her a strider balance bike and gifted dads bicycle a Thule 2 seat bicycle trailer. It was so much fun taking her out each day to practice on her new balance bike and seeing her so proud of the new skill she was learning. After dinner we would load her into the bicycle trailer for a fun ride so my husband and I could actually get some exercise. That same summer my toddler was able to try out her cousins globber scooter and took to the scooter really well and found it much easier to work then the bicycle only being 2 years old. She was able to actually ride the globber scooter all the way to the park which was amazing.

For her upcoming birthday we are thinking of gifting her a scooter since she loved her cousins so much. I will be on foot this summer for after dinner bike rides as I will have my newborn with me, but I am very excited for when baby can join into the family bicycle rides right along his sister the following year!

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