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Favourite Kids Bento Boxes and Accessories

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Here are some of my favourite kids bento boxes and kids bento box accessories to make lunch time fun and playful!

Here is a list of bento box accessories we love to use in our little ones bento box to make eating lunch a fun little adventure.

Sandwich Shape Cutters : This is such a cute bento box accessory kit, comes with large cutters that work great for cutting sandwiches into shapes and small shape cutters that work well for cutting fruits, veggies, cheese, meats and more. This pack can definitely be used in a variety of ways to make an extra special bento box for your kiddo!

Animal Food Picks are the perfect little bento box accessory to wow your little one with. They are both super cute and super practical. I like to add them to cut fruit, veggies, cheese, meat and more to help them pick up the smaller items without needing a fork. Adds a fun element to snacky lunches and encourages them to take the first bite!

Silicone Baking Cups are amazing in general to use around the kitchen, in lunches, for art activities and sensory bins, so we have quite a collection. We use these in the bento boxes to keep the different foods separated especially when pairing lunch foods that could get soggy beside fruit, hummus or spreads.

Sandwich cutter and sealers are fun to have on hand separate from the other shape cutters as these ones can create uncrustable style sandwiches for your kids bento box. This product seals the edges of the sandwich to keep all the delicious fillings sealed inside until lunch time.

Sistema to Go dip containers are great if you have a little one who likes all their food to come with a dip. These are a small size to fit right inside the bento box and can be filled with ranch, BBQ sauce, ketchup, nut butters or whatever your child's favourite dip is. They work equally as well for a small little treat for in your little ones bento box.

These are a few of the great kids bento boxes on the market that we have tried and love:

Bentgo Kids Bento Box is a fun bento box geared towards kids with its bright colour options and five different sized compartments to fill with your child's favourite foods. This Bento box is leakproof for each individual compartment, has easy open latches and fully dishwasher safe.

Munchkin Lunch Bento Box also has five compartments and comes in bright kid friendly colours. This bento box is nice and light weight and also seals off each individual compartment to keep your foods separate. Has a place for a utensil right inside the box and also dishwasher safe.

Sistema To Go Bento Box is a more basic bento box but offers extra layers of compartment space and a small container to keep any dips or sauces. This Bento box is not as leak proof between each compartment but does seal tight as a whole container.

3 Sprouts Lunch Bento Box comes in nice colours and each colour has a different animal character printed on the front. This bento box only has three compartments but they are all large and deep to hold a lot of food options. It has four latches to keep the box leakproof and fully dishwasher safe.

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