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Indoor Gross Motor Activities for Babies First Year

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Babies are naturally curious and constantly looking to conquer the next challenge as they work through their milestones. Gross motor skills are a main focus for many babies so it is nice to have some safe and fun activities to promote their gross motor skill growth. My first born become so fixated on crawling up and down the stairs before we added many gross motor activities to her playroom to keep her mind and body busy.

Baby Soft Block Climber Is a great gross motor activity to add into your babies play space. It is completely soft and can be reconfigured in different ways to keep your baby engaged as they grow. Babies can work on climbing, rolling, sliding, crawling or walking down the ramp. When they are older they will climb to the top and jump off the side onto the floor so this is a gross motor activity that will grow with your child into the toddler years.

Crawl Through Play Tunnel are one of my favourite gross motor toys for for silly time play with babies. Babies love to crawl through the tunnel to find your smiling face on the other side or use the tunnel in chasing games and peekaboo style games. This gets baby moving and gets everyone giggling, having a good time.

Pop Up Ball Pit Tent was such a fun gross motor activity in our playroom for quite a long time and one we still pull out to play with. She loved to crawl over, dive into the balls and attempt to throw all the balls out before chasing them down all over the basement. This activity helped her learn how to throw a ball and had her moving all over the basement completely engaged in gross motor development.

Wooden Push Toy With Storage Babies at some point go through a transporting schema where they constantly like to move their toys from one area to another or just bring them around where ever they go. This push toy helps satisfy this gross motor task by providing a nice big area where they can load up their favourite toys and push them around their play space! This toy is also fantastic to support emerging walking skills and help baby build their confidence.

Baby Ride On Toy is a great first gross motor toy for babies, they come in many different characters or vehicles and are so fun for baby to explore. Baby can bounce on top, build muscles scooting on the toy or pushing the toy by walking behind it.

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