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Indoor Gross Motor Activities for Toddlers & Beyond

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Gross motor activities are so important in helping your child build their muscles, reach their milestones, work on their balance, work on their coordination and feel confident in themselves. Indoor gross motor is great to have available throughout the day especially during the rainy and winter seasons. Children love to move their bodies and could end up jumping on your couch or climbing the bookshelves to fulfil those needs when not given the proper opportunities to use safe indoor gross motor activities.

Pikler Triangle, Ramp/slide and Rocker Three piece set: This set will be an amazing addition to any playroom right from 6 months up to school aged children. Risky play is so important in children learning to be confident and capable in using their bodies for all sorts of gross motor activities. This activity incorporates climbing, balancing, sliding, rocking and so much more.

Wooden Wobble Board are a fun gross motor toy that are very open ended and can be incorporated into play a number of ways. Some of the ways we use it especially for gross motor are standing on the board curved side up with wide legs and wobble the board back and forth. Another game we play is "sticky toes" my daughter named it this at a very young age where you flip the board upside down and climb up and down the board using your balance (doesn't work with socks on). Can also be used with the play couch to add a slide to one end which is really fun.

Balance Stepping Stones for Kids are a great gross motor toy that can grow along with your children and just change up the games you play with them. With little ones they work well close together and they can try to walk across them using balance to not fall. They can attempt to balance on the top with one or two feet and jump off. Older kids you can incorporate these into obstacle courses, floor is lava game or just have them spread apart further to make it more challenging.

Imaginative Play couch has so many uses for children from birth to school agers a like. One way I love to use these couches is for indoor gross motor play. you can set them up into so many different configurations your little ones will never get bored. I like to have them as ramps, slides, towers to climb up or use them as crash pads for more wild play.

Foldable Kids Trampoline with Foam Handle : Kids come with enormous amounts of excitement and energy. I love this trampoline especially for the winter months when we spend more time indoors and my little one needs lots of different gross motor activities to rotate through to meet their energy and sensory needs. Jumping is an amazing form of exercise on top of being fun. I will pull out the trampoline and put on my toddlers favourite songs and she will happily jump for up to an hour uninterrupted in a pure state of happiness!

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