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My Must Have Baby Grooming Products

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

When I think of baby grooming products that became my must haves these are the products we used routinely and consistently reach for over other grooming products we had on hand. I like to keep most these items all together in a bin in babies dresser/change area to pull out and use after bath time or before bed time. In the baby grooming basket we keep an electric nail file, baby brushes, oogiebear for little boogers, nail clippers, baby lotion, baby massage oil, toothbrush and multi purpose baby ointment.

Electric Nail Trimmer for Babies is a definite must have baby grooming item to have on hand. babies are born with very sharp nails and if not trimmed will accidentally scratch up their little faces.

Baby Brush Set I like this little set as it comes with the silicone cradle cap brush to use in the bath a comb to help get any of those little flakes out of their hair and then the soft brush is so gentle on the newborns soft head. Perfect little baby grooming set and makes a nice gift too.

Oogiebear is a must have baby grooming product my husband and I learned as we quickly realized our fingers were much too big to grab those little boogies. These are easy to clean and just swipe the little boogers out with ease.

Nail Clippers with Magnifier we always had these on hand in case babies nails needed a good trim. The magnify glass does really help to make sure you do not clip babies skin. Definitely a good item to have in your baby grooming kit.

Live Clean Baby Wash is our families go to baby wash and an essential baby grooming product in our household. We have also used the Honest Brand, Burt's Bees and Attitude brand baby wash and liked these products as well.

Live Clean Baby Lotion Is our go to baby lotion when paired with the live clean baby wash. I like to use the same brands together whenever possible. We have also used the Honest brand, Burt's Bees and Attitude brand lotions on our baby and liked the products a lot.

Honest Baby Massage Oil is another product I kept in my baby grooming basket to use with baby after a nice bath. Babies are constantly growing and using their little muscles and so they deserve a nice relaxing baby massage at the end of the day to relax their muscles but also rehydrate their skin. Like the baby wash and lotion I also enjoy the Live Clean brand and Burt's bees brand of the baby oil.

Burt's Bees Baby Multipurpose Ointment is one of my favourite skin products for littles I came across with my first baby. I used it on capped teething cheeks, as a protective layer on the skin during diaper changes, on rough skin and much more. Honest Company also makes a pretty good all purpose ointment as well. I suggest picking one to keep in babies grooming basket for any little skin issues that pop up on baby during the first year.

Nuby 4-Stages Oral Care Set is a good item to pick up for babies oral care needs as it comes with many options as baby starts to grow teeth. I found it easier to brush babies teeth in the first year while she was laying on the change mat so I would keep her toothbrush in with her other grooming products as too not forget to brush her gums and teeth.

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