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My Postpartum Must Haves

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

These are the items I prepared for my postpartum journey. Some of these items I brought with me to the hospital and some I used in my postpartum recovery basket for in my bathroom.

  1. Pads - Postpartum can be a messy time and will look a little different for everyone so I personally stocked up on Always size 5, Always size 4, Always size 1and a big box of pantyliners. I stocked a little postpartum recovery basket in the bathroom starting with only the larger pads to start with.

  2. Disposable Postpartum underwear - Adult diapers were nice to have for my postpartum recovery mainly for those first couple days. I used these mainly for over night so I didn't need to worry about leaking and could focus on rest and newborn care.

  3. Peri Bottle & wipes - were two other items I added into my bathroom postpartum basket. After having a baby you want to be very gentle down there and keep everything as clean as possible to allow yourself to heal.

  4. Donut pillow - May be a needed item for postpartum recovery if you end up with a bad tear, swelling or hemorrhoids. This is an item you can buy last minute to arrive at your house before you get home depending on how your delivery goes.

  5. Tucks pads - I had these in my postpartum recovery basket to put on top of my pads if I needed some cooling relief.

  6. Belly Binder - During postpartum recovery as your uterus shrinks all your organs shift and your muscles feel so weak the belly binder helps hold everything in and helps you feel more secure.

  7. Herbal sitz bath - Is a nice treat if your feeling swollen, itchy or uncomfortable after birth.

  8. Meals, Snacks and Electrolyte drinks - In the last month of pregnancy start creating a postpartum food stash of freezer meals that are easy to heat up, nutritious snacks and your choice of electrolyte drinks to keep you hydrated during late night feeds.

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