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Popcorn Lovers Unite!

Popcorn is a great whole grain snack packed with B vitamins and fiber. Store bought popcorn can be full extras and more expensive then making this delicious snack at home. At home you can be in control of what you add to your snack depending on if you are looking for a healthy snack or looking to indulge in a salty treat.

  1. Collapsible Popcorn Maker this popcorn maker is my favourite popcorn maker I have ever tried and as a salty snack lover I have gone through a few before landing on this one. The collapsible popcorn maker folds up really small to store easily in your kitchen unlike larger plug in air poppers. This makes such fresh popcorn and in my microwave takes 3 min and 50 sec for the perfect pop so you will have the perfect snack in minutes.

  2. Popcorn kernels I like to grab a big container of popcorn kernels to keep in my cupboard so I am prepared when a snack mood hits, I have everything I need on hand to make better choices.

  3. Kernels Cheddar seasoning I like to have a few of the kernel seasonings on hand for making more indulgent popcorn as well. Having all these snack options on hand stops me from running out for potato chips.

  4. Kernels Ketchup Seasoning This is another flavour of popcorn seasoning my family enjoys for movie night.

  5. Kernels Dill Pickle Seasoning , back when I was a teenager the cheesy dill kernels flavour was my favourite to pick up from the mall or make at the movie theatre. I also keep the dill flavour on hand for when I want to reminisce on that flavour again just without all the added oil and butter.

  6. Nesting Set of Bowls because everyone needs their own bowl of popcorn for movie night!

  7. Oil Sprayer is a great tool to keep calories down for your popcorn snack by just adding a couple sprays just enough for a little salt or seasoning to sprinkle on. This makes the best snack for salty snack lovers!

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