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Postpartum C-section Recovery

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

With my first I laboured until I was fully dilated just to find out my daughters position was going to prevent a vaginal delivery and was rushed in for an emergency C-section. I can get into this story a little more another time but for now these are the specific items I used along with my other postpartum items that are specific to C-section recovery.

  1. Painkillers & Stool softeners - Now with both of these go with the brand your doctor suggests especially if you are breastfeeding. My doctor sent me home with a prescription for stool softeners and suggested Aleve in those first few days home from the hospital. C-section recovery is no joke and a hard few months.

  2. Frida Mom Postpartum Underwear - My hospital only gives out one pair of the mesh underwear per person and so I brought a pack of my own along to use as well. You will not want anything tight or pressing on your c-section area.

  3. Loose high waisted lounge pants - Again with c-section recovery you will not want anything tight or touching your wound.

  4. high waisted underwear - Once my bleeding slowed and stopped I still needed an under garment that was soft, breathable and high waisted to protect my very sensitive newly forming scar. All my underwear from before pregnancy all sat directly on my wound and was 100% uncomfortable.

  5. Steri Strips - After my C-section they stapled my skin closed and a few days later you need to go in and have them removed. My wound still did not feel very secure so I used Steri Strips to help keep things together for an extra week while my body healed further.

  6. Vitamin E Capsules - were recommended to me as a way to help my scar heal nicely. I would break open a capsule and gently wipe it on the scar to help reduce scaring.

  7. Neck pillow - is an item I wish I had in the hospital with me but I did use this once I was home for the first little while. For some reason laying down after surgery was so painful and I needed to stay in a seated position even while sleeping for a few days. The neck pillow helped support my head so I could nod off between feedings with my newborn.

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