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Top Convertible Strollers to Grow with your Family

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

These are the convertible strollers I researched and tested before choosing which convertible stroller would be the right fit for our family knowing we were going to have more than one child!

Baby Jogger City Select 2 is a fully convertible stroller that easily can be switched between single, double and triple stroller options. Pros are both child seats support children up to 45lb, compact fold, wheel suspension for a smooth ride, has many accessories available including a glider board for older children. The cons for me were it was a bit heavy to lift into a vehicle and a higher price point than others.

UPPABaby Vista V2 Stroller is also a fully convertible stroller system that goes from single to triple with a glider board. The pros are it's a beautiful and functional stroller that has many accessories to go with it including bassinet, toddler seat and snack trays. The cons are high price tag and rumble seat is good only to 35lb and much smaller than the toddler seat.

Joovy Qool Stroller has many pros for a convertible stroller with a much more affordable price tag. It has many accessories including second full size seat good up to 55 lbs, bench seat, snack trays and bassinet options. There are 50 ways to customize this stroller to suit your growing families needs. The cons are the suspension on the wheels is not quite as good as the two strollers above and the stroller doesn't stand when collapsed.

Evenflo Pivot Xpand Modular Stroller has many pros as a budget friendly convertible stroller. Seats easily switch positions and can accommodate two toddler seats, one seat and one carseat and a glide board can be added to support a third child. Seats can hold up to 55 lbs each. Cons are the wheels are not as good as the strollers above and the ride is not as smooth during outdoor walks.

Graco Ready 2 Grow Stroller is another good budget friendly convertible stroller for growing families. Pros are it has many convertible options and comes with a glide board as well. The cons are it is big when folded and needs a large trunk to transport. I also found the canopies pretty small and the sun would go in my babies eyes.

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