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What's in my Diaper Caddy and Why I Love it!

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

A big easy to carry diaper caddy was so helpful especially during those first fourth months after baby was born. I keep a change area in babies room fully stocked with supplies, diapers, wipes, creams and clothes. The only thing as expected those first fourth months especially I found myself and baby in my bedroom and family room the majority of the day, which is where the diaper caddy comes in handy. I would just stock the diaper caddy up every morning and then once before bed, to have all the things baby and I needed in one convenient location for that day or night.

This is the list of what I had in my diaper caddy although it can easily be adjusted to the needs of you and your baby!

  1. Diaper Caddy - Pick whichever suits your style I only suggest picking a diaper caddy with easy to carry handles.

  2. Diapers - Newborns go through so many diapers so you always want to keep your caddy stocked up.

  3. Wipes- I liked to have a big box of the pop top style wipes for both my diaper caddy and diaper bag.

  4. Diaper cream - I liked to keep the Burts bees multipurpose ointment in my diaper caddy.

  5. Change mat - Any water proof, foldable change mat should work perfectly to keep mess off your surfaces and easy to wipe clean.

  6. Soothers - I always tried to keep a clean soother in a little container in my diaper caddy.

  7. Burp cloths - I liked the smaller muslin cloths for actually dealing with spit up.

  8. Haakaa - If it wasn't on the drying rack I had it ready to go in my diaper caddy.

  9. Water bottle - As a breastfeeding Mama I carried water bottles around with me everywhere to help keep up my supply.

  10. lip chap - just for convenience.

  11. Spare Outfits - Blowouts happen, pee happens you definitely want to keep a couple spare outfits in there so you don't have to run to babies room every time ZippyJamz are my favourites.

  12. Poop bags - I had a roll of doggie bags in my diaper caddy for messy diapers to keep the house smelling fresh.

Feel free to add anything else into the diaper caddy to make your life more convenient!

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